Satellietfoto Plaatsen is an initiative of 12 Provinces Publishers Ltd. from the Netherlands.

12 Provinces Publishers

12 Provinces Publishers Ltd. specializes in cartographic productions in the broadest sense of the word, such as atlases, air and satellite images, topographic maps and Google Map applications.

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Publishers has done projects for (among others): ABN AMRO BANK, BAM, Municipality Rotterdam, ING BANK, the Environmental Federation, the Heritage Federation, Police corps The Hague, the Province of Gelderland, Rabobank and the South Holland Landscape.

Our location

We are located in Landsmeer, Northern-Holland. Most of our products are sold directly to our customers (both companies and consumers).

Founder / Owner

The founder and owner of 12 Provinces Publishers is Rob Kersbergen (1957). From 1985 to 1992 Rob was the C.E.O. Robas Publishers Ltd., that was also active in the field of air and satellite imagery. After a 'side line' as a teacher, he has since 2003 returned to his old 'love': publishing.

NEO Ltd.

Many satellite images on this site are provided by our business partner NEO Ltd. from Amersfoort in the Netherlands. NEO is a well known company, active in the field of Earth observation. NEO interprets and processes satellite and aerial images into valuable information. The view that a recording from an airplane or a satellite offers, is translated by NEO into practical management information for real estate, nature and infrastructure. NEO also provides imagery and software.

NEO is an independent company and was founded in 1996.

Pick your own satellite image. Worldwide

On our website you can pick your own satellite image. You have - literally - a global choice. From Svalbard to Ushuaia. The image you choose from we send to you via e-mail. These images too can be used for magazines, newspapers, websites and print work.